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You have found everything YOU need to HELP a late-talking child shift their everyday communication from BEHAVIOR into SPEECH.

Your child needs YOU to help them learn their BEST way to communicate - WITH SPEECH.

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Have You Already Got Your ASD Diagnosis and Started ABA Therapy and/or Special Education Autism Classes?

Watch this video to learn 6 signs that you are WASTING TIME and could be facilitating BETTER RESULTS YOURSELF.

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Do you believe that your child been MISDIAGNOSED with Autism or ADHD?

Broken systems are "diagnosing" kids with medical disorder LABELS to place them in therapy or special education classrooms.


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My name is Marci Melzer, and I developed this platform to show you how powerful YOU can be as a Natural Speech, Language, and Behavior Facilitator.
I Believe that ALL Behavior is Communication and EVERY Behavior has a MESSAGE.

My YouTube videos, books, and coaching services have helped countless families worldwide facilitate the shift from nonverbal communication behaviors into FUNctional speech that EVERYONE can understand and FASTER than conventional therapies.

I help YOU solve the problems that come with caring for a late talking child.

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More and More Children are BEHIND in Speech and Social Skills Development.
  • Inconsistent attention and understanding.
  • Nonverbal communication - pulling, flapping.
  • Obsessed with technology and antisocial.
  • Manipulative behavior - whining, tantrums
  • Untreated/resolved health or wellness issues.
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Parents are Disempowered by Broken Systems that Fail to Help.
  • Confused by pro-autism propaganda and pressurized information labeled as "evidence".
  • Frustrated by programs that promise to help with speech and then give kids picture systems.
  • Exhausted from managing a lot of repeat therapy appointments that do not seem to be helping.
  • Angered by professionals who claim to know more about your child than you do.
  • Worried when therapists provide justification for making your child cry and ignoring their feelings.

I help parents and professionals who want MORE for the children they love than limited picture systems or prompted imitation of single words and scripted phrases.

The parents who use my natural speech and behavior facilitation strategies often see a difference in DAYS.

  • Interest in connection with parents, teachers, and friends instead of technology.
  • Listening, responding to their name, following directions, and obeying rules.
  • Independence for self-care skills that previously required hand-over-hand assist.
  • Social interaction and participation with family jobs, gatherings, and school.
  • Learning to talk using functional, self-generated, conversational, and even bilingual SPEECH that EVERYONE can understand.

My client's kids are using SPEECH to share their feelings, genius ideas and wisdom with the world.

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Your Child Needs You to Show Them How to Grow.

Get started TODAY with EASY STRATEGIES that WORK!

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  • Waves of Communication

    “My son's teachers and therapists were amazed at how much he learned after I have been working with him. His IEP was thrown out and they started over. Marci is a bridge that allows me the knowledge to teach him myself. We love you, Marci Melzer.”

    Mom from Wisconsin, USA

  • Waves of Communication

    “I used natural facilitation strategies with a little girl at the daycare center who only cried. After 2 weeks... She started babbling, saying words like come... I want... I see you! Thank you so much for all your teachings, Ms. Marci Melzer.”

    Nursery Teaching Assistant, India

  • Waves of Communication

    “My 4-year-old speaks so much more now than after the almost 2 years of therapy he has had. Very helpful information since before, we were waiting on results without doing much on our side. Thank you so much!!”

    Mom from Mexico

Help Your Child Share Their Wisdom With the World