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My natural facilitation COMMUNITY is designed to equip and empower parents of late talkers to help them catch up FAST.

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A proven approach that results in SPEECH.

Saying "NO" to broken education and healthcare professionals can feel overwhelming...

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Learn the step-by-step process to use your EVERYDAY JOBS and FUN activities to MOTIVATE the shift from BEHAVIOR to SPEECH. Including ALL of my WORKSHOPS.

Self-Analysis Worksheets

You will learn what is BLOCKING speech and how your FACILITATION MINDSET can help you. Rise above propaganda and distractions to stay CONSISTENT with the RIGHT action plan for your child.

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We understand the struggle!

Relating to other parent's journey will help you understand and get energized about facilitating the change you really want. This community is FULL of parents with stories of how they have managed to make massive change by following Natural Facilitation strategies.

  • Waves of Communication

    “My son's teachers and therapists were amazed at how much he learned after I have been working with him. His IEP was thrown out and they started over. Marci is a bridge that allows me the knowledge to teach him myself. We love you, Marci Melzer.”

    Mom from Wisconsin, USA

  • Waves of Communication

    “I used natural facilitation strategies with a little girl at the daycare center who only cried. After 2 weeks... She started babbling, saying words like come... I want... I see you! Thank you so much for all your teachings, Ms. Marci Melzer.”

    Nursery Teaching Assistant, India

  • Waves of Communication

    “My 4-year-old speaks so much more now than after the almost 2 years of therapy he has had. Very helpful information since before, we were waiting on results without doing much on our side. Thank you so much!!”

    Mom from Mexico