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Offer parents the SOLUTION they have been searching for!

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Certified Facilitators Will Be Increasingly in DEMAND.

Parents, Family Members and Teachers are Struggling with Constant CHALLENGES while Caring for their Late Talking Children.

    • Evaluators are BIASED toward AUTISM.
    • Schools are REFUSING admission.
      • Therapies are NOT working.
      • Parents are BLAMING each other.
  • Tech-addicted children are ISOLATING!
  • Smart kids are MANIPULATING caregivers.
  • People UNDERESTIMATE nonverbal kids.
  • Money has been spent with ZERO progress!

Your Natural Speech and Behavior Facilitation Business Will Help SOLVE these Problems FAST.

You will learn how to create a WIN-WIN OFFER that works WITH the parents and teachers who are living through these challenges every day to empower them with strategies that they can use to make their lives EASIER with a late talker.

You will become an INVALUABLE support that will keep parents booking appointments and referring you out to their friends.

You will learn how to market your services directly to MORE parents, childcare centers, or schools that are DESPERATE for HELP navigating all of the challenges they face NOW.

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Too many late talkers are showing up UNPREPARED for SCHOOL LEARNING.

Certified Facilitators Help Late Talkers CATCH UP with school readiness, so they are able to attend REGULAR education classes.

You will learn to create FUN ACTIVITIES with conscious DEMONSTRATIONS of the EXACT speech the child needs to listen and learn HOW to TALK NATURALLY.

YOU will be the SOURCE of the RIGHT STRATEGIES and opportunities to facilitate the late talker's INDEPENDENT speech and socials skills development.

Everything that is NEEDED for a late talker's school readiness is included in your certification training.

I'll Teach You How to Connect with ANY Child and then Take them on a Journey to SPEECH.

It does not matter if a child has a diagnosis or even if they show SEVERE communication behaviors.

Natural Facilitation WORKS through connection and motivation, focusing on a child's ABILITIES.

You will learn EXACTLY how to help facilitate the CHILD's BEST FUNctional SPOKEN LANGUAGE.

Connect with EVERYONE

You will learn to use the natural language facilitation zone to prove that YOU are worth listening to and learning from.

Shift Behavior into SPEECH

You will learn to interpret the messages behind even the most confusing behaviors and help the child use their WORDS.

Facilitate School Readiness

You will learn to facilitate STRUCTURE and consistency to help the late talker learn the rules and learn COOPERATIVELY.

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Hi! I’m Marci Melzer Natural Facilitation Expert.

I developed the Natural Facilitation Method professionally over more than 3 decades as a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Thousands of parents worldwide are using my Workbook together with online resources from YouTube and my online platform to learn the natural strategies and teach their child to talk FASTER than speech therapy.

I've traveled the world meeting with families and professionals to learn exactly what it takes to help kids start TALKING. ALL of that knowledge is gathered HERE for YOU to learn and USE to HELP.

NOW caregivers can become CERTIFIED in the method and build a business helping late talkers SUCCEED.

Thank YOU for joining my mission to help late talkers as possible shift their behavior into SPEECH so they can share their wisdom with the world.

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There are MORE parents CHOOSING to invest in HELP for their Late Talkers to Catch Up THIS YEAR.

YOU can be one of the FIRST CERTIFIED NATURAL FACILITATORS and position your business at the FRONT of this trend that will be INCREASING over the next few years.

Turn Your Caregiving Skills Into Valuable and Much-Needed Business Helping Late Talkers.

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