Help Your Child Catch Up FASTER with Marci's 3-Month Virtual Autism Coaching Program

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Do you feel like you are underwater trying to navigate broken education and healthcare systems just to get some HELP?

I created this special section of my platform just for YOU...

YOUR child has been MISDIAGNOSED and/or TURNED AWAY by the best schools because of their speech delay.

NO WORRIES! Now you have a safe space to solve this BIG problem.

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 I'm Marci, an Intuitive SLP and International Virtual Autism EXPERT.

You might have seen me on YouTube or Facebook sharing strategies to facilitate speech naturally.

It is a BIG decision to trust your own intuition and knowledge about your child and explore these resources for VIRTUAL AUTISM


You must have experienced a lot of autism propaganda and pressure to enroll your child in behavior therapy.

You are going to LOVE connecting with a like-minded community of facilitators.

 ALL supportive of a NATURAL approach to solving this GLOBAL problem.

Work with Me for 3 Months and Help Your Child Catch Up

A proven approach that results in SPEECH.

Saying "NO" to broken education and healthcare professionals can feel overwhelming...

But it all gets a LOT easier when you have support.

20+ Hours of Add-Free Videos

Learn the step-by-step process to use your EVERYDAY JOBS and FUN activities to MOTIVATE the shift from BEHAVIOR to SPEECH. Including ALL of my WORKSHOPS.

Self-Analysis Worksheets

You will learn what is BLOCKING speech and how your FACILITATION MINDSET can help you. Rise above propaganda and distractions to stay CONSISTENT with the RIGHT action plan for your child.

Questions Answered   

Stop second guessing. Post questions anytime in the forum for community feedback.

Join Marci's LIVE community Q&A for solutions to your most frustrating situations. 

I want to help you FEEL GREAT about YOUR DECISION to take back your POWERFUL INFLUENCE over your child's speech development.

You PROBABLY already KNOW (or at least suspect) that your super smart, tech-exposed, child is NOT AUTISTIC. 

YOUR child is late talking due to KNOWN BLOCKAGES such as a social distancing, ear infections, or early and frequent exposure to technology.


But, YOU don't want that for YOUR child.

That's why you are probably feeling very ALONE in your effort to help your LATE TALKING child without causing them anxiety from pressurized therapies.

Within just a few months of consistent facilitation in our supportive community guided by natural strategies and expert advice...

Your late talker could turn into a chatterbox THIS YEAR just like families have achieved ALL OVER THE WORLD!

You don't need to do this alone.

My FUNctional Facilitation Academy videos demonstrate exactly HOW to make your everyday experiences more FUNctional.

Access and Explore the Community BEFORE You Pay Anything!

  • Waves of Communication

    “In a world where parents of late talkers are easy prey for snake oil salesmen, Language Facilitation is a breath of fresh air. It’s logical, easy to apply, cost effective and puts power back in the hands of parents.”

  • Waves of Communication

    “I'm so happy and I have hope now BUT also I am upset with myself! It was me, I did this. Thank you, Now that I know what Virtual Autism is and I can reverse it, I'm thrilled and ready to get started.”

  • Waves of Communication

    “Waoh, such an amazing insights, thanks so much .
    I just got the language facilitation book and the “if it isn’t fun" book delivered yesterday. I can’t wait to start using this process for my child, I’m so excited to hear him start talking!”