I help parents and caregivers confidently facilitate the shift from nonverbal communication behavior into FUNctional SPEECH.

Parents and Caregivers are in the BEST Position to Overcome the Following Common Issues

  • It could seem like your child is unable to understand even basic directions or respond when you call their name.
    • Even though they have memorized entire songs and know how to find their favorite videos in a second.
  • Your child always is stuck pulling you around using nonverbal behavior when they want something.
    • Even after they have learned dozens of names, signs, labels, and/or "I want X" phrases in therapy.
  • Perhaps your child shows "red flag" signs such as hand flapping, ear covering, or repetitive speech.
    • Even though they are social, loving, and responsive to family connections.
  • Maybe your child has been refused admission school because they couldn't answer questions or stay in their seat.
    • Even though they learned how to read, play with numbers, or understand multiple languages before 3 years old.

My training resources equip and empower YOU to help your child as THEY develop the speech and social skills needed to share their unique ideas and wisdom with the world. 

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Join thousands of parents and caregivers worldwide who have facilitated functional speech emerging in 3-6 weeks. 

My 4-Hour Workshop helps parents learn what to do NOW to reconnect and motivate daily attention and effort to develop new skills and speech.

My workbook helps parents introduce structure and facilitate consistent progress through planned daily activities.

Personal Consultation help parents address unique issues, facilitate through all levels of development, as well as navigate broken health and education systems.

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