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I'm what you might call an "old school" speech pathologist with more than 3 decades of research and development experience from my therapy practice. I have personally worked with thousands of clients in medical, educational, clinical and natural environments, and thousands more have benefitted from my teachings in the 5.5 years I have been coaching online.

Over the years I have learned exactly what parents need to facilitate the kind of improvement they want... FUNctional speech that a child can use with everyone.

Progress always begins when you give up the idea that you will never MAKE a child talk independently and ENJOY the process of everyday facilitation.

If it isn't FUN... it ISN'T fun.


After 30 years of practice as a licensed speech therapist, I stopped working in the broken educational and healthcare systems and made the shift into parent and professional training and consultation.

As I moved around the USA to different positions as a contractor speech pathologist, I observed a steady increase in the expectations of my employers to embrace autism propaganda. This situation became increasingly disempowering for both me and my clients.

The reality is, there are simply not enough trained, certified, and registered speech therapists available in the systems of the world to help ALL of the children who are late talking.

Parents go into the system expecting to receive speech therapy services NOW.

That's why MOST systems offer to diagnose your late-talking child with autism after a only series of questions and very short observation.

It is easier for schools and therapy clinics to find a registered behavior therapist (who has only one 40-hour course) than it is to find a master's degree trained speech pathologist who will focus on SPEECH.

I know this because EVERY job I was offered expected me to participate in standardized checklist evaluations and biased diagnostic practices to identify as many kids with ASD as possible and then refer them out for ABA therapy.

Parents around the world are sharing that they are trapped in a broken systems that are not focused on functional SPEECH.

NOW I help parents bypass the broken systems and work with a child's ABILITIES to facilitate at least 1% improvement every day.

Everyone in the child's world learns the VALUE of focused energy on functional goals that are motivating and achievable from the child's perspective instead of repetitive, imitation and matching tasks resulting in only lots of data collection and continued speech delays.

Check out the results that parents around the world are finding when they make the commitment to learn and use my strategies to become their child's primary natural language facilitators. 

Read about "G" a 7-year-old child and the entire process of how his parents facilitated new speech in weeks after years of therapy failed.

If it isn't FUN it ISN'T fun

Teach Your Child to Talk FASTER Than Speech Therapy

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Waves of Communication

“Marci is our super power 🙂!

I think connecting with Marci was one of the best decisions we made. She heard us and understood our problems, unfortunately not many educated professionals have the time nowadays to listen to parents and what they feel.
Our son was labeling many things, but he was not playing with or talking to other kids. His childcare said, he is brilliant, but he is not social and that made us worry more. Doctor visits were heart breaking since my son refused to interact with professionals, he just completely shut down and therefore she raised autism red flags, which made me so fearful and worried that I was scared of taking any speech therapy or seek any help.

Marci's strategies have helped us. Our son started making sentences, not only with us but also with his caretakers...He also started engaging in activities in just 3 weeks. Language Facilitation works like magic. ”

Sydney, Australia

Waves of Communication

“I have to tell you, the language Facilitation is doing absolute wonders for Asher! I have seen more changes in the last 2 days of doing the Language Facilitation than 3 months of doing this other therapy (where in many ways he seemed to actually get worse). I have actually been able to talk him into doing things, such as come in from outdoors and even take nasal spray medicine, that were all previously a huge struggle. TRULY AMAZING!

He is SO happy and SO connected to me now when before he would scream and/or run away when I tried to teach him. This morning I was talking to him and I have never seen him so calm, happy and regulated."

It is my mindset that has been blocking my communication with my son!

I focus on the present moment and my shared experience with Asher using my language facilitation, this is what creates the connection, and this is what he needs!”

Ibiza, Spain

Waves of Communication

“Marci created a customized program specifically created for our child to get us, his parents on the right path to communication naturally. After only a few days he started listening better and within weeks, we saw a whole new child who is now interested in "learning time" with all of us every day!

The concept of this program gives the power back to the parents because our children love and learn the most from us, not schools, hourly therapy sessions, etc.

We naturally teach our children everything and Marci shows us how to use what our child loves to help him. Marci and her parent coaching program are a gift to the world of late talkers and their families who are looking for solutions THEY can use.

I’ve saved more than I’ve spent for a consultant who is constantly finding new ways to help my son excel.”

Chicago, USA

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