Waves of Communication

 Parents and Caregivers are the BEST Facilitators   

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Welcome to the BEST resources available for parents and caregivers who want to HELP late-talking kids shift functional communication from BEHAVIOR into SPEECH.

Your child needs YOU to help them learn HOW to TALK.

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My name is Marci Melzer, and I developed this platform to show you how powerful YOU are.

I help parents and caregivers facilitate functional, independent, speech and social behavior FASTER than therapy.

Parents who want to SOLVE their child's problems by helping them catch up the speech they have missed will benefit from this work.

It is time to STOP STRUGGLING with broken educational and healthcare systems that are OVERWHELMED with more late talkers every day.


The parents who use my natural speech and behavior facilitation strategies often see results in DAYS.

  • Interest in connection with parents, teachers, and friends instead of technology.
  • Listening, responding to their name, following directions, and obeying rules.
  • Independence for self-care skills that previously required hand-over-hand assist.
  • Social interaction and participation with family jobs, gatherings, and classroom activities.
  • Learning to talk using functional, self-generated, conversational, and even bilingual SPEECH.

My client's kids are using speech to share their genius ideas and wisdom with the world.

More and More Children are BEHIND in speech and social skills development.

  • Speech and social skills have not developed due to lack of exposure to social experiences.
  • Children are obsessed with technology due to frequent exposure from a very young age.
  • Many kids suffered from ear, nose, and throat issues that may have gone unrecognized.
  • Early ABA has taught kids to use manipulative or controlling behavior to communicate.
  • Red Flag behaviors trigger ASD or ADHD diagnosis after only minutes of observation.
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Parents are disempowered by broken systems that fail to help.

  • EXHAUSTED from traveling to centers or having therapists in your home 20+ hours per week.
  • CONFUSED by all of the conflicting information and "evidence" that your "autistic" child can be "cured".
  • FRUSTRATED by professionals who claim to know more about your child than you do.
  • ANGERED by programs that promise to help and then place parents on a months-long waiting list.
  • IGNORED when therapists provide justification for making a child upset or fail to show progress.

I've traveled the world working with parents and professionals to cultivate the BEST training available for Natural Speech and Social Skills Facilitation.

Your child needs YOU to help them learn HOW to TALK.

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Natural Facilitation RESULTS in MORE than the prompted, scripted speech that comes from "evidence-based" speech therapy methods.

The parents and caregivers who use my natural speech and behavior facilitation strategies OFTEN see INDEPENDENT CHANGE in DAYS.

"I luckily practiced all these tips and it worked. It's been 3 months he is going to school and teacher says he has settled well in the group and does not show behaviors like closing ears, roaming in the class and self-talking.

He listens well to the group instructions and is independent in most of the things." ~ V.C.