Virtual Autism Catch Up Coaching with Marci Melzer

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va coaching

Virtual Autism Catch Up Coaching with Marci Melzer

Help your child with Virtual Autism catch up the skills they haven't developed... YET.

Parents review training information and materials followed by 3 months of guided coaching through the process to facilitate spoken language, behavior, and social skills improvement.

Materials included:

Self-Analysis Survey, Downloadable 56-page handout, and 3-part Virtual Autism Symptoms Workshop including the process to shift your child's communication from behavior to SPEECH.

Personal Consultation Sessions included:

One (1) 2-Hour Analysis and Training Session

Three (2) 90-Minute Follow-up Consultation Sessions

Additional support

Unlimited Video Analysis of your facilitation work with the late talking child for 3 months.

Unlimited Email or Chat communication to ask questions for a total of Three (3) months.

Total due $920

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