Communication Switch 

A Workshop for Parents and Caregivers

Parents are the BEST Language Facilitators.
Learn how your family can help the late-talking child in your life achieve success.

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1:00 am EST ~ USA
6:00 am GST ~ UK
10:30 am IST ~ India

In Mumbai
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Switch your mindset from frustration and worry for your child’s future, to accepting responsibility and taking action to help your child yourself.
Switch your child’s behavior from avoiding your talking and teaching, to eagerly wanting to listen to every word that you say.
Switch from boring, repetitive speech therapy activities your child avoids, to natural FUN language facilitation while you go through your busy day.
Switch from slow progress with an unclear path forward, to furthering your training with FREE online resources to expand your skills beyond the workshop.


Issues you face every day with your late-talking child at home.
Concerns expressed by your child’s teacher or therapist.
Questions about how you can move forward and learn more.


Marci Melzer earned her M.Ed. in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Virginia in 1990. She has always been interested in providing "out of the box" intervention methods with clients who demonstrate challenging communication behaviors. 

In the late 1990’s, Marci presented multiple presentations and workshops at national conferences across the United States speaking about innovative and evidenced-based interventions designed to maximize outcomes with children who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders.

Marci earned her living and honed her skills worked as a contractor speech therapist, filling positions in public and private schools, hospitals, residential facilities, outpatient clinics in Illinois, Arizona, Nevada, and Florida, while maintaining a private practice with clients in their homes. Marci’s most recent contract work has been with the Florida CMS system to provide speech therapy for children the Early Steps Program.  

Through her experience and intuition, Marci developed a keen ability to analyze a family's communication situation and identify the reasons children are not developing with the use of spoken language as their primary communication method. 

In practice with her clients, this intuitive ability has helped Marci break down the target expectations for language development into realistic, easily achievable, FUN goals that parents can easily integrate into their language facilitation efforts.
With a strong career spanning over 27 years, Devangi Dalal is the first Indian audiologist to have received the Humanitarian Award from the American Academy of Audiology in 2012.

Through her work, Dr. Dalal has has the opportunity to represent India at various audiology conferences in countries including Denmark, Canada, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Italy. 

Devangi's specialty lies in Audiology & Speech Therapy, assessing children and adults with varying hearing, speech, voice and neurological disorders, in addition to planning rehabilitation programs to improve client functioning.

It is this desire for working towards the needs of hearing-impaired children that Dalal founded the Josh Foundation, alongside the well-known ENT Surgeon Jayant Gandhi, with the aim to empower hearing-impaired children. Dalal has been instrumental in gathering funds and providing a platform for these children through various events, lectures and workshops.

In addition to her work efforts, Devangi has also authored books in Gujarati and Hindi to create awareness of the problems faced by hearing-impaired children, while providing effective solutions. Devangi's most recent project includes a short tele-film aimed at creating awareness around hearing impairment in children and adults.

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  •  *Parents will be offered time to ask general questions, in-depth consultations should be booked separately.
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